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What Is Our Culture?

This is a place where excellence is encouraged and facilitated. A culture of unapologetic personal excellence. Chase and achieve full potential and more.
- A place to become world class at what you love. We have NFL athletes & elite body builders working side by side with post-partum women and aspirational teenagers. Everyone comes here to work, grow, and improve.

Leading the pack
- We are the hard core gym meets luxury and professionalism and expertise with incredible equipment, without being dirty everyone else wants to be. They want to copy our social media, aesthetic, and brand because they see in us what everyone else wants to be. Our gym is filled with all the types of people that everyone who comes in wants to be. unapologetically winning.
- Other gyms want to be us (Iron Revolution is a carbon copy)
- Polished social media video and great aesthetic. the fitness image is so on point its being copied.
Disney Land for serious gym people. You know “a rapper’s rapper”, where a gym rat’s gym. The polar opposite of planet fitness. brand that IS immersed in finesses newest trends and culture.

Why Would I Sign Up With Iron Culture?

You deserve it
- You deserve to be at a gym who cares, where the people love to workout, where everyone takes it seriously, where the equipment is incredible, where the space is beautiful, where it energy is high, the Lockeroom are clean and spacious, the staff is on point,and the training is elite.
We create an environment that is motivating, immersive, energy is thick in the air. An energy and atmosphere that you wont find in any other gym just like our equipment. Our members care more. they are more driven for self growth and results.

Why Would I Join Your Gym?

We’re not a payment we’re an investment. You’re not paying for a service, you’re investing in your health and body.
- Best in-class trainers, atmosphere, and equipment
- We’re not a bs facility. We’re not here to sell you, but instead provide you with what you’d need to get where you want to go

Customized Plans & Goals

In terms of workouts, plans, and goals, this is something that is heavily discussed under our consultation. Once we understand what your goals are, for example to build muscle, we will then go ahead and create a full detailed training program for you that includes creating a diverse set of exercises that are going to achieve that goal. Individualized rep schemes as well as sets and then a well-detailed and thought-out explanation of how to execute every individual exercise is the reasoning behind why we choose that exercise as well as the benefits of the sequence of how we do those exercises. So there's a reason why we choose certain exercises. There's a reason why we put them in a certain order and there's a reason why we pick specific rep schemes for those exercises. Now everyone's plan is individualized because nobody's body mechanics are the same. So we take the extra time when we're on the floor together to really figure out and nail down what exercises work, what exercises don't? So that way when we create the program, the program is built specifically for you.

Tracking & Accountability

In terms of tracking and accountability, we're able to use what is called a trained heroic online program. This program allows us to create workouts for all of our clients. They are online so that way the client can follow these workouts on their phone or on the computer and the client and trainer have to input all the working sets all the numbers that are there. So that way we can track the weekly progression of every individual client. Now in terms of accountability, that's why we have the in-body scan. That's why we do weekly or bi-weekly check-ins so that way we can get them on the inbody scan and that's going to track for us what their body fat percentage is what their skeletal muscle mass is from every time we do the check-in. That way they can have a visual of what their progress looks like or lack of progress. So that way we can do a better job as trainers to figure out what is working and what is not. So we can actually get the client back on track and get them closer to their goals. This is where the train heroic program online as well as the in-body scan does all of the work for us. They chart the person's progress in terms of strength, how many reps they've done, what their BMI is, what their body fat percentage is. It tracks everything for us, so it gives us a nice clean chart of your progress.